There are any number of suggestions for building your resume and tailoring it to the positions you are applying for. Interestingly enough there are advanced job searching hacks to increase your job prospects that are seldom noticed that may enhance your chances dramatically.

The ability to refine your resume so that prescreening software or a human resources manger looks favorably at you as a candidate can make the difference between a call back and relegation to the trash can.

Getting the edge on your competition in the job market comes down to understanding what the human resources manager is looking for and how to tailor your resume to  those areas while eliminating the things that turn them off.

Getting your resume ready and tailored to the position you are looking for is only the first step. Recruiters and human resource managers today look beyond the resume once they find a candidate they like. They assess items that you may not think about including, for example, your social media presence, community service and not the least of which is your photo, professional email and contact information. Finally, being prepared for your interview including knowing how to dress and act.

Understanding Linkedin and adding hyperlinks to your resume are important steps in your networking process. They indicate that you are still an active job seeker who is willing to make the extra effort to be found and “join the team”. Making your resume stand out through the use of hyperlinks and Linkedin updates keeps your resume in front of the recruiters and human resources people who are looking for the right candidate everyday.

Do not forget the basics of doing your research on the firm you are applying to. Use spell check! There is nothing worse than seeing spelling and grammar errors in a resume for recruiters.

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