1. Using distracting fonts, formats or graphics on your resume.  While creativity is important, it is not always welcome until after you get the job.  This of course depends upon the industry you are working in.  You also want to make sure that your resume is readable by an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
  2. Approaching everything with a casual tone.  Employers will most likely feel you don’t care and therefore lack commitment or passion.  Make sure you have a professional email address.
  3. Bringing up your salary requirements too soon.  If the employer can’t pay your salary requirements, they might nix you right off the bat.  By going in open minded, you will often find other benefits that more than make up for the lack of dollar signs.
  4. Talking negatively about your previous and/or current employer(s).  Not only is this being a poor sport, talking negatively about your previous employers may indicate you could be prone to spreading negativity in the workplace. 
  5. Submitting a resume that reads like a book.  Recruiters don’t have time to read long passages about every task you did at each job.  Focus on highlighting your key responsibilities and play up any that reflect what you “made, saved or achieved.”
  6. Including hobbies and interests on your resume.  Save this space for real accomplishments that will entice an employer to call you.
  7. Failing to catch typos.  Most employers will automatically dismiss you and your lack of detail.
  8. Lying.  Recruiters cross check dates, job titles, responsibilities and salary details when they do reference checks.  If they find something that is out of line with what you said, it could cost you the job.
  9. Failing to customize.  If you hand over your resume to an employer with an objective or personal summary that is pointing to a different industry you are asking for trouble.
  10. Listing every job you have ever had.  This relates to #5 and #9.  Make sure your resume is laser focused on the job you are applying for.  Your recruiter will love you for it.