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In so many situations, we cannot control the items that determine our path. There are some things that you can control in your life and career that can make a huge difference to your success and happiness.

1) What You Do

Your behavior can determine how you are perceived by others and how you measure yourself. Be in control of your situation and behavior.

2) What You Say

Listen more and think before you speak in personal and business situations. Taking your time and listening before speaking can pay huge dividends.

3) What You Think About and What You Believe

If you are not happy with your situation you can change your thoughts and actions and in so doing, change your beliefs. To quote Captain Jack Sparrow, “The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem”.

4) How well you do your job

Take accountability and responsibility seriously in your career and career choices.

5) Who You Choose to Associate With

You are judged by the company you keep. Keep it professional and positive. Do not surround yourself with negativity.

6) Your Attitude

A positive attitude will consistently hold you to higher performance and satisfaction with your situation. Positive actions and attitude attract positive people and [positive results.

7) What Changes You Will Make

Life and careers are full of paths to change. You have the ability to make positive changes in your situation.

8) What You Learn

Successes and failures give us the opportunity to learn, change and move forward. Do not be afraid to learn from your experiences.

9) What you Share

Be a teacher and mentor to others. You can learn as much as you teach given the opportunity.

10) Your Legacy

Your legacy at your job, with your family and your life will eventually show what kind of person you are. It’s up to you to make that choice.

For more details, See Linda Cattelan’s article at HumanResources.com.

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