You have had the all-important interview. Now should you wait to hear from the company or not? The answer is no. You should absolutely follow up. Rachel Gillett of Business Insider has some suggestions.

  1. Ask how you should follow up. Before you leave, ask the interviewer how you should follow up. Ask for a timeline for the decision and who you should follow-up with and how.
  2. Get the interviewer’s contact information. Be sure to get the interviewer’s business card and that of anyone else you may have come into contact with.
  3. Get some distance. Get away from the building so you do not inadvertently run into anyone you may have interviewed with.
  4. Analyze how you did. Review everything that happened in the interview in detail. Write it down and see if there is anything you missed or that should be clarified.
  5. How did you feel about the company? Do not take a position with a firm that you are not comfortable with.
  6. Write it all down. Review the interview not only for this position but to keep in mind for others you may interview for.
  7. Ask the interviewer to follow up if you are working with a recruiter or a headhunter.
  8. Write a fantastic thank you email. Send it out the same day you interview recapping any strengths you feel you bring and any awkward moments that may have happened during the interview.
  9. Personalize the thank you notes for anyone you came in contact with.
  10. Consider mailing a thank you note. If you had a phone interview, an email will suffice. If it was a face-to-face interview, consider mailing a thank you note.
  11. Send a tailored LinkedIn connection request. LinkedIn is responsible for more than 80% of hires by recruiters. Use it.
  12. Keep up the search. Even if you feel you nailed the interview, keep searching unless you get an offer on the spot.
  13. Pace yourself for additional follow-ups. If they gave you a timeline, follow it. If not take your time and follow up professionally.

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