Non-verbal communication or body language, accounts for more than 50% of how people perceive you and what you are trying to communicate.

There are 15 common body language blunders that people, make that have been highlighted by Dr. Travis Bradberry in a recent Huffington Post article.

  • Slouching – is a sign of disrespect and that you are uninterested.
  • Exaggerated gestures – may imply that you are exaggerating the truth
  • Watching the clock – is a sign of disrespect and impatience
  • Turning yourself away from others – shows lack of interest and respect for others
  • Crossed arms – show that you are defensive and not interested in what another is saying
  • Inconsistency – between your words and facial expressions sends different messages
  • Exaggerated nodding – signals anxiety about approval
  • Fidgeting – indicts you may be anxious or self-conscious and distracted
  • Avoiding eye contact – makes you look like you are hiding something
  • Eye contact that is too intense – may be perceived as aggressive
  • Rolling your eyes – shows a total lack of respect for others
  • Scowling – sends a negative message to and about those around you.
  • Weak handshakes – signal that you lack authority and confidence
  • Clenched fists – can signal you are not interested in others points
  • Getting too close – signals a lack of respect for their personal space

For further discussion of these important points, see Dr. Bradberry’s article at the Huffingtonpost.com

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