Retail is big business and the field has a lot of great positions for job seekers. If you’re wondering who the happiest retail employers are CareerBliss has you covered with it’s annual list of happiest retailers to work for.


CareerBliss evaluated thousands of reviews by employees who rated employers which included factors like work-life balance, compensation, workplace environment, growth opportunities, satisfaction with job role, and one’s overall workplace setting.

Starbucks nabbed the top spot on the list, being the happiest retailer to work for. Known for offering great perks employees also noted great work atmosphere and growth opportunities with the java mogul.

“Despite recent excitement about Starbucks marketing choices with their infamous Red Cup, Starbucks has high marks where it counts, employee happiness. The employee reviews on CareerBliss rank Starbucks as the number one retail employer in the United States when it comes to employee happiness,” -Heidi Golledge, CareerBliss Chief Happiness Officer

Ikea, Apple Stores, Barnes & Noble, and Lowe’s, all landed on the list for a second year in a row.

All retailers that earned the top spots received high marks in areas that are crucial to work place happiness: Positive relationships with coworkers, strong employer support, and the opportunity for professional growth.

Here are the 2015 Happiest Retailers To Work For:

1. Starbucks – Rank: 4.28

2. Ace Hardware – Rank: 4.22

3. IKEA North America – Rank: 4.12

4. Apple Stores – Rank: 4.09

5. Barnes & Noble – Rank: 3.98

6. Lowe’s – Rank: 3.96

7. Best Buy – Rank: 3.92

8. Walgreens – Rank: 3.88

9. The Home Depot – Rank: 3.862

10. Office Depot – Rank: 3.861