Money isn’t everything. Even though a nice salary can be a determining factor in accepting a position, there is a lot more that goes into job happiness than just a paycheck.

Happiest Jobs In America

To determine which positions make for the happiest jobs, each year CareerBliss sifts through thousands of employee reviews to calculate overall happiness or as they call it “bliss score.” Job happiness factors reviewed include work environment, company culture, benefits, etc.

Recruiters landed this year’s top spot for happiest jobs in America. With a key part of their role being to help others find a great job, recruiters are happiest according to CareerBliss. “With hiring for professionals and engineers still going well in the current economy, many recruiters work in a competitive, yet rewarding environment that has solid compensation and rewards. In addition, many recruiters find joy in helping others find jobs and earning bonuses for doing so,” said CareerBliss CEO Heidi Golledge.

The STEM field, which offers competitive salaries, unique environments, and flexibility, dominated the list. “Technology jobs are in demand and often technology companies provide unique office environments, company perks and generous compensation for employees,” said Golledge.

Blow is the full list of happiest jobs in America according to CareerBliss.

Rank Job Title Bliss Rating
1 Recruiter 3.673
2 Full Stack Developer 3.660
3 Research Assistant 3.619
4 Senior Java Developer 3.590
5 Android Developer 3.552
6 Chief Technology Officer 3.542
7 Lead Engineer 3.534
8 Lead Developer 3.533
9 Software QA Engineer 3.527
10 Chief Operating Officer 3.521