Resumes, the burning question. The one question that is a recurring theme when we talk to veterans is how do you get your resume in the ‘Yes’ pile and get it reviewed by the hiring manager or recruiter? Don Goodman of Careerealism offers 3 tips to get your resume in the ‘yes’ file.

Applicant tracking systems are the strongest form of filtering resumes in the industry. They determine whether or not your resume goes to the next level to be reviewed by a “live” person or not. Understanding them can make the difference whether or not you get into the “yes” pile.

You MUST be sure that you get the immediate attention of the recruiter or hiring manager and in order to do that, brevity and clarity are your most important tools. Your opening profile and summery section are all important.

Finally, you must show “proof statements”, meaning your roles and responsibilities are in paragraph form and your accomplishments are bulleted. Remembering that they scan the resume for 8-seconds, you want to use bullets only for those statements you absolutely want them to read.

Recruiters and hiring managers will skim a resume in eight to ten seconds. They will notice yours immediately if you do not cloud it up or make it to overwhelming.

Writing a resume can be mind boggling, but if you begin with these steps, you will find that it makes sense and may get you to the “yes” pile sooner and get you the interview you want.

For more detailed information, see Don Goodman’s article at Careerealism

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