As we have discussed previously, hiring managers receive hundreds of resumes for each position they are trying to fill. They spend six to ten seconds making the fit/no fit decision. That fact makes it imperative that you streamline your resume and eliminate useless information. Many of us want to highlight many of our experiences and histories to impress the reviewer. Unfortunately, these items are not what they want to see. Jaquelyn Smith and Rachel Gillet of Business Insider have some advice.

Items not to be included:

  • An objective
  • Irrelevant work experiences
  • Personal stuff
  • Your hobbies
  • Blatant lies
  • Your age
  • Too much text
  • Time off
  • References
  • Inconsistent formatting
  • Personal pronouns
  • Present tense for a past job
  • A less than professional email address
  • Any unnecessary, obvious words
  • Headers, footers, tables, images, or charts
  • Your current business contact information
  • Your boss’ name
  • Company -specific jargon
  • Social media URL’s that are not related to the targeted position
  • More than 15 years of experience
  • Salary information
  • Outdated fonts
  • Fancy fonts
  • Annoying buzzwords
  • Reasons you left your company or position
  • Your GPA
  • An explanation of why you want the job
  • A photo of yourself
  • Opinions not facts
  • Short-term employment
  • Generic explanations of accomplishments

While many of these seem apparent, it is amazing how many people still include extraneous, useless information on their resume. For an excellent expansion of these thoughts see the article at

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