LinkedIn is, unquestionably, the best networking source available to job seekers. Nearly 80% of hires last year through recruiters were done through LinkedIn. Your profile is a snapshot of you as a person and your skill sets. William Arruda of Forbes has some interesting observations for job seekers.

  1. Get your headline right. Understand the important words for recruiters when posting your headline.
  2. Grow Your Network. Networking is a huge benefit to job seekers. Network with fellow employees, other job seekers and anyone else that you think may be of help in furthering your search.
  3. Follow Desired Companies. Be proactive. Follow those companies who specialize in the types of positions you are seeking.
  4. Use the Alumni Feature. It is amazing how many of your school’s alumni may step up for you. Alumni can be your military associates as well.
  5. Add AKA/Common Misspellings. Pay attention to the details.
  6. Get Your Skills In Order. Be sure to be specific in your skill sets.
  7. Be Redundant. Repeat your keywords in your profile whenever possible. When recruiters look at resumes or profiles they use critical keywords that find the best candidates for their positions.
  8. LinkedIn can be your best friend or your worst enemy during your job search. Be sure you have your best foot forward by polishing your LinkedIn profile.
  9. The LinkedIn profile is the first thing a recruiter or human resources manager will see. This can make or break the next steps in the hiring process.

For more details, see Forbes

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