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Social media networking is responsible for more than 70% of new hires on an annual basis. LinkedIn provides one of the best platforms to interact with hiring managers and human resources personnel. Hiring managers will monitor LinkedIn for candidates and contact them directly.

A LinkedIn summary is a snapshot of who you are personally and is much more personal than your resume or job applications. What can you do to make your LinkedIn summary not only memorable, but make the Hiring Managers want to reach out to you immediately?

There are several key elements that can be used to your best advantage. The team at Executive Resume Writer, a professional resume writing and career services firm, has four suggestions that can put you on the right path.

1) Be Engaging and original. This is a quick view into who you are. It is not meant to be an “objective statement” which s canned and boring. Make the excitement unique and original.

2) Write in the first person. You Summary is meant to be a “conversation”. Start it in that manner by writing comfortably in the first person.

3) Critically important is to direct your summary to the audience you are appealing to. What do you want to do and, more importantly, what would a hiring manager look for in the skill sets and experience required for your selected career?

4) Be clear on making a call to action and telling the reader what the next step is. Originality is the key here. Keep your reader’s interest with an engaging summary.

The time spent building and placing a killer Linked in summary will pay huge dividends when done properly.

For a more detailed description see Executive Resume Writer

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