There’s plenty of reasons, Hiring a Veteran is a good idea, but Simply Hired recently did a post on 4 reasons to consider hiring veteran candidates, and we wanted to share those and some other valuable insight on why companies to consider hiring veterans.

The skills that veterans gain throughout the military experience are valuable assets to any company, and while more companies are still figuring this out, there’s still plenty of reasons to help companies understand the true value of veteran employees.

Veterans have career flexibility: Veteran Friendly Jobs range across all industries and skills, which display just how flexible our heroes are with their career. When you’re hiring a new team, consider veterans. They have already been training in the fundamentals of teamwork.

These are just a sampling of top jobs that fall under the #vetfriendly tag:

  1. Registered Nurses
  2. Software and Applications Developers
  3. Industrial Machinery Mechanics
  4. Human Resources Specialists
  5. Network and Computer Systems Administrators
  6. Medical and Health Services Managers
  7. Logisticians
  8. Child, Family and School Social Workers

Vets have transferrable skills: Veterans are trained to have a wide scope of skills and values. Some of the top desirable skills that veterans have are…

  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Monitoring/Assessing
  3. Judgment and Decision-Making
  4. Active Listening
  5. Speaking
  6. Complex Problem-Solving
  7. Social Perceptiveness
  8. Troubleshooting

These skills are very important for team players and veterans are well rounded candidates that bring plenty of skills to the table.

Veterans are actively searching for jobs: When you’re searching for candidates, reach farther. More and more veterans area searching for jobs and there’s no better time to take a chance on hiring a veteran.

While the job market continues to grow, more veterans are looking for employment and these reasons above, along with many others, show exactly why hiring a veteran is always a good idea.

Next time you have a job posting, expand your search to include veterans, add a few veterans into interviews and see just how valuable veterans can be to companies.