Today’s employers have a wide variety of choices when it comes to picking new employees. Most employers are network savvy and may take the time to compare your LinkedIn profile and your resume.

The internet has a wealth of information on you and your past work history. If an employer wants to screen you, they will take advantage of every internet option they can to find out more about you. LinkedIn and your resume can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

If you are not already on the social media sites, learn about them and maintain a positive presence. It is not difficult and it may pay big dividends in your career search.

Job seekers must understand that if you get a Hiring Manger to look at your resume positively, they will then research everything they can about you on the internet sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook etc. They will compare your LinkedIn profile, your experiences, and your past history and experiences to your resume. They will make the decision on whether or not to call you for an interview based on accurate your resume is when compared to your social media presence.

It has always been a rule of thumb that you should not put anything on social media sites that may be embarrassing or reflect negatively on your personality. This is even more important for job seekers. Would you, as a hiring manager, look favorably on a potential employee whose social media content is full of negative content, photos and stories of poor personality traits that they may bring to the workplace?

So, what should you focus on in your resume? Consider the position that you are seeking and focus on your expertise, the people you may have in common, your past employment and your education.

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