We all know that getting your resume read and kept at the “I want to contact this person pile” is a daunting task. While not impossible, there are at least four things Recruiters are tired of seeing on resume.

A recruiter, human resources manager, or applicant review software, will take about 10 to 20 seconds to review your resume and make the decision to move forward in the interview process or discard it. This is the most important first step in your new career process.

While much of your background may be valuable, you must focus your resume on the particular position that you are applying for and tailor your it to that position. Research the company at their web site and see what their strengths are as well as their mission statement and goals which can give you a better idea on how to tailor your resume.

Details are confusing and time consuming to a Human Resources Manager and they will not take the time to wade through them.

Make sure your dates are as specific as possible with explanations about any lapses in employment.

If you choose to use an objective statement, make it a powerful and to the point describing your career objective.

Accomplishments in specific positions and duties speak volumes about your work ethic, your commitment and your management style and should be emphasized. They show that you are serious in your work ethic and that you focus on getting results.  Show your best talents off without bragging.

There are many do’s and don’ts about your resume and how to present it. The short time frame that you have available when your resume reaches the Human resources department, whether it is a real person or an applicant screening system must be in your mind as you review your final resume.

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