If you have been feeling that your job is not right for you and you’re starting to crack around the edges, you should consider how your actions might look to others.  The signs below are very easy to fix and will only help you in your hunt for a new job.

5 signs that you are a problem employee

1)      You constantly bring up that you are not getting paid enough and that other companies are offering you more money.  By doing this you are suggesting that you have one foot out the door.  Instead try asking your manager what he or she feels you need to do to be in line for a salary increase.  Also, make sure to document what accomplishments you have on a day to day basis so that you have clear examples to show your supervisor when you do bring up the topic.

2)      Point out the negative in every idea or initiative your team brings up.  If you are not offering a solution for every problem or negative you see, then you are not contributing to the team is a positive way.

3)      It’s easy to say, “that’s not my job.”  It’s much harder to offer up a helping hand, especially when you feel overworked already.  Just remember, when you offer help, you are seen as a team player and you will be putting more experience under your belt.  Wouldn’t it be better to provide clear examples of being able to manage multiple projects to your supervisor or next interviewer?

4)      Are you the first one to give up when a new project is laid at your feet?  Do you tell others that it is impossible without even trying?  It’s much better to look at the project objectively and brainstorm with your team or supervisor for ideas on how to “get it done” rather than not trying at all.  This will show that you have “drive” and are a creative team player.


If you actively seek to solve problems by offering solutions, and offer help wherever you can, you are only increasing your chances for stellar references and an increase in the number of concrete work examples for your next interview.