5 Tips to Downsize Your Stuff Before Your Military Move

Stuff. We all gather “stuff” as we stay at a duty station or our last home. When ready to transition out downsizing is an important part of the equation. What do you keep, what do you get rid of and where do you go from here? How do you downsize?

K.P. Kulski  of G.I.Jobs.com offers some tips to get you started with downsizing.

1) Paperwork. –  We all keep receipts, bills and junk that we can do without in the move.You need to keep your transitioning documents and military records including your medical records, DD-214 etc.

2) Military items – Return all of the items that you have been issued. Old uniforms, etc. will be of little value during the move.

3) Electronics – We all collect cords, games, old electronics, old phones are items that do not need to make the trip. Pitch them or sell the phones on Gazelle or similar websites.

4) Hobby stuff – you or the family may have started projects or hobbies that went to the wayside. You do not need to drag old knitting or hobby items to your next destination.

5) Luxury items – Many of us have luxury items for special occasions that we seldom use or need. Choose between luxury and utility. It is not that hard.

Lean and ready fro the move should be your motto.

For further details see K. P.‘s article at G.I.Jobs.com.

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