Simple Job Search Tips

There are some basic thoughts that are often overlooked that may help you get that position with these job search tips.

1) Make yourself a “Smack-in-the-forehead” obvious fit. When you apply for a position, your resume will most likely be reviewed by an automated applicant tracking system. If you make it past that step, a junior HR person may see it and then pass it on to the HR Manager if it looks good. HOw do you improver your chances? Do your homework. Make your skill sets match the job description as closely as possible without lying about them. Mirror the language of the job post and above all, make it honest.

2) Do not limit yourself to online applications during your job search. Take the time to find people who are working at the company and connect with them via LinkedIn and informal interviews. Once they know you, when they see that resume come up, you stand a better chance.

3) Remember that your resume (and LinkedIn profile) is not a tattoo. Do not be afraid to change wording and focus of both your resume and LinkedIn profile to match the position. Appeal to what they are looking for.

4) Accept that you will never bore anyone into hiring you. Give yourself the opportunity to be appealing and endearing. Likable candidates win the resume contest more than boring candidates.

5) If you are not on LinkedIn, you very nearly do not exist for recruiters. More than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn. If you want to be seen and noticed. Polish your profile and stay in the game to get noticed.

6) Thank you matters. A well written and personal thank you to those you interview with goes a long way to endear you to them. Be personable and original.

While these are basic thoughts, they are oftentimes overlooked. Do not lose your chance by not using them.

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