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Advice on finding the right career opportunity is everywhere. Often it is more important to look at the basics for a few tweaks that may make the difference in a successful job search and the continuing saga of no returned calls or rejections.

It appears that 2015 is going to be a banner year for hiring according to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That being the case, it will certainly be worth your time to review your processes for your career search and make a few beneficial changes.

1. Update your resume. You do not have to rewrite it, just review it to see that it is current, brief and has all of the pertinent contact information.

2. Refresh your LinkedIn profile. If you are not on LinkedIn, do it as soon as possible. Nearly 80% of recruiters find their candidates through LinkedIn. Why miss this pool of positions?

3. Set-up Google alerts for a target list of three to five employers where you’d like to work. You will be among the first to know about company news and positions. You will know what’s going on long before those who do not use the alerts.

4. Add two or three job-search apps onto your Smartphone. You can then do your career search from anywhere, not just while you are in front of the computer.

5. Create a list of at least three people you think could help your job-search efforts in 2015. Having a few strong supporters in your network can pay huge dividends in your job search.

6. Sign up to automatically receive job-search tips via an email newsletter or social media. New and useful tips are generated everyday to help you in your search. Take advantage of them!

For more details, go to Nancy Collamer at Forbes.

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