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You finished the interview and have the job offer. What now?  Slow down. Slow down here are questions about the offer that you should consider.1. Does this meet my minimum requirements? Are you comfortable with the salary and the working conditions or should you negotiate? Are you getting the job you want or are you settling for a job that does not meet the minimum requirements for you and your family?

2. Are the benefits acceptable? Each company has a unique benefit package. Be sure to review the benefits as they relate to your personal or family situation. Not only health insurance, but time off, and other benefits must fit your personal situation

3. Does the job match what you discussed? When the offer comes in writing, be sure to review it and confirm that all matters you discussed are covered. Make sure that there is no misunderstanding between what was said and what the reality is.

4. Are there hidden costs? While the job may seem right, hidden costs may include longer commutes, new wardrobe, being away from your family of longer terms etc. Be sure you understand the hidden costs.

5. Have you researched the company? Be sure to search for reviews by former employees, and others in the marketplace. Be sure to look at the company history and see if it appears that they are sound and will be in the field for the long term.

6. Do you have other offers on the table?  If you are lucky enough to have several offers, it is time to be realistic and choose the one that best fits your personal goals and situation.

For a more detailed discussion see Nikelle Murphy of Cheat

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