Marine formation


As you transition out of the military there are things you can do without knowing it that can make it more difficult. Avoiding these basic mistakes can make the difference in making a smooth transition and not.

  • Do not decide to end your service at the last minute – Taking enough lead time allows you to position yourself and understand your options better.
  • Do not burn bridges – You may need character references or may want to return to the military one day.
  • Do not leave unless your paperwork is squared away – Know where all of your separation paperwork is, particularly your DD-214.
  • Do not talk to the reserve recruiter without thinking first – There are a lot of options available when you transfer into the reserves that may be of benefit to you.
  • Do not blow all your money – It is easy to get “on a roll” and spend your separation bonus and any savings you may have set aside.
  • Do not leave without a job and a place to live – Always be prepared for the next step?

Mike Lyndon  of Task and Purpose has more details on this all important subject.

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