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Your interview has gone well and the interviewer asks if you have any questions. This is the point where you can really stand out from your competition by asking pertinent questions that give the interviewer more insight to you. Val Matta of Business to Community suggests seven questions that are of value.1) What makes you (the interviewer) come to work everyday? By reaching out to the interviewer, you are showing that you are not afraid to make personal contact.

2) What is the difference between a top performer and an average performer in this position? This indicates to the interviewer that you are looking past handling the job at how you can do your best for the company.

3) Are there any issues with my qualifications  that I can address? This gives them a chance to address any issuers that they are unclear about.

4) Who will I be reporting to and what are they like? Again, you are showing that you are interested in how to do your best for the company.

5) What did the last person who held this job do well? Do poorly? This shows that you are concerned about being successful with the company.

6) Does your company offer opportunities for continuing education? Whether or not they do, the interviewer will be impressed with your desire to continue your professional growth.

7) What is the next step? Clarify what the next steps are and what the appropriate time frame is to expect a callback or follow-up.

Consider these seven questions and come up with your own so you will be prepared for the “Do you have any questions”? request.

For further details see Val’s article at Abaco Small Business.

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