I wanted to share this great article today because it really outlines some important tips that each of you should be taking in your job search today.  I especially like Tip #4.  It discusses targeting employers that are in your field of interest.

Doing research to identify the top companies you might want to work for and then printing and mailing off your resume to them helps you to stand apart!  Think about how often you get a card or letter in the mail from a friend or a family member.  Your answer is probably little to none.  Each letter we get via mail tends to stand out compared to the typical email.  This is the same with a mailed resume and cover letter.  It captures the hiring manager’s attention as they are typically bombarded with resumes submitting online or via email.

One other tip that I would add to this list is to network!   You should be networking with the people you know who have experience working at your target company.  They have insider information and can be a big help in terms of knowing how to present yourself.  In addition, I suggest that you step outside of the box and ask for informational interviews with professionals that you don’t know but work there.  Both of these networking techniques will help to get you more information about a company and possibly a personal referral that makes all the difference in this online world.

Check out the full list of steps here:  http://www.careerealism.com/jump-start-job-search/  and don’t forget to check out our open jobs at:  http://bit.ly/V6xQhW