Royalty Free Stock Photos: Job Interview

You finally get the all-important call to go to an interview. You must make sure that you present yourself in the best possible manner. Heather Spruill of Quora identifies 8 habits that can make the difference in how well your interview goes.

  • Arrive on time. If you don’t arrive on time, it projects a bad first impression. Will this person be on time for work?
  • Be appropriately dressed. It cannot be stressed enough. All too often potential employees show up to an interview dressed far too casually or inappropriately.
  • Be properly groomed. Hair combed, and perfume, make-up and accessories understated.
  • Know the names of the people with whom you will be speaking and use their name once.
  • Assume a confident, friendly posture.
  • Have any materials, work samples, references or other items organized and contained in a briefcase, folder etc.
  • Have some intelligent questions ready for your interviewer.
  • Be you. Do not put on airs or try to be someone or something you are not.

These tips may well make the difference between getting the job offer or not. Be prepared, be comfortable and you will do well.

Heather Spruill is an HR Manager at Quora and has conducted hundreds of interviews. More of her insights can be found at Quora.

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