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There are millions of people with multiple part-time jobs. Time management and “juggling” are necessary to maintain your focus if you are one of these people. Debra Auerbach of CareerBuilder has several suggestions.

1) Manage expectations. As a part-time employee,Be sure you are honest with each of the employers, so they know what your time constraints and commitments are. While it’s great to be flexible, over committing yourself can eventually lead to you either letting one of your employers down or losing all semblance of work-life balance.

2) Get Organized. Ben Taylor of www.homeworkingclub.com, suggests get – and stay – organized to keep your sanity and your ability to do the jobs well. He suggests using a software tool to do just that. “This only needs to be something like Microsoft Outlook or an Apple Calendar, but by linking it to your smartphone and ensuring it’s constantly up to date, you can ensure you don’t drop the ball and are always able to quickly check your availability.”

3) Adopt a schedule. Be realistic with how much you want and need to work. Once you finalize your schedule, you will become remarkably accustomed to the routine, and success will follow.

4) Don’t take on more than you can handle. Don’t take on too much work which may cause conflicts and improper attention to each job. Not doing your best is not an option.

5) Keep every commitment. If you find that you’re often late or scrambling, take a step back. Evaluate your priorities and determine what you may want to cut back. Focus on excelling at a smaller number of activities. Those successes will take you further in your career than a bunch of mediocre performances.”

6) Limit your commute. Try to keep your jobs as close to each other as possible, Time spent commuting could be better spent doing a better job.

7) Choose jobs that use different strengths. Working jobs that are similar in nature may lead the employers to rent that you are using the same talents and or information for others.

8) Give yourself a break. Taking time off and away from working all the time is critical to good job performance. Take care of yourself.

For more tips, see Debra’s article at CareerBuilder.

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