The days of interviewing in person may be fast disappearing. Many hiring managers now do interviews via video conferencing or on the phone.

Due to the scores of resumes that hiring managers receive in a competitive job market,your initial interview will probably be conducted over the phone. To make the best use of their time,many hiring managers will filter through the stack of resumes and select the five to ten most promising candidates for a phone screening. Telephone and video  interviews are an important early discriminator of potential employees. How well you perform on the phone interview will determine whether you are invited to an in-person interview with the employer.

Nearly sixty percent of human resources managers indicate that they conduct phone and video interviews in an effort to find and contact superior candidates. Being able to see a prospective employee, hear their voice and see their appearance and body language can be critical for the employer in making the right hiring decision.

Additionally, the phone/video interview allows out-of-state and overseas candidates to compete for available positions in a prompt fashion. Understanding the phone/video interviewing process can make the difference in when you move to the next step in the hiring process. Do not underestimate how important this can be in your career search.

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