As a senior in the job market, I found it true that there may certainly be age discrimination in the hiring process. It is taboo to discuss it, but I believe it exists.

Why do employers discriminate against older job seekers, Kathy Caprino of Forbes magazine is doing a series on age discrimination and outlines some concerns hiring managers, both young and older may feel.

1. They worry that your age doe not allow you to have the stamina to handle the job and you are not in good enough shape to handle more strenuous jobs.

Make sure you are in shape and maintain your health.

2. They feel that you cannot keep up with evolving technology or have the technology skills to do the job.

Asses your skills and if you need to update your skills do so by taking courses online or going to a community college.

3. They worry that you are to set in your ways and cannot adapt to their system.

Highlight your past experience and adaptability in recent employment situations.

4. They worry that you will not be able to work with younger workers.

Again, highlight your recent employment situations and your adaptability in working with younger team members.

5. They are concerned that you are concerned about making more money than they can afford.

Make sure you know the salary ranges you are dealing with when you interview and put their fears to rest during the interview.

Do your homework and prepare for any age discrimination issues you may face and you will find an easier path.


For further discussion see Forbes