The technology field has been booming for years so it’s no surprise that 2017’s list of America’s best jobs includes an array of tech related positions.

America's Best Jobs Highlight Tech Positions

Teaming up with salary comparison website, Payscale, CNN Money identified the top 100 positions by jobs that meet a diverse range of factors including job satisfaction, low stress levels, median pay, growth opportunities, etc. CNN Money also determined the job market is the strongest it’s been in almost a decade and the strength will continue throughout 2017, especially for the tech sector.

Out of the 100 best jobs in America, 36 of the positions are technology related. With an average median salary across all tech positions being $90K, jobs range from analysts, developers, IT directors and everything in between. The highest paid tech position, an IT security director, has a median pay of $147K and job growth over the next 10 years is expected to be around 15%. Duties include creating and implementing strategies on how to protect company data as well as crafting IT policies and make purchasing decisions.

Money isn’t the only reason tech jobs dominated the list. There are a few positions that will see high growth rates over the next 10 years. These high demand positions include Statisticians which are expected to see a growth rate of 34%, Analytics Managers which are expected to see a growth rate 30%, Front End Developer/Engineer which are expected to see a growth rate 27%, User Interface Designer which are expected to see a growth rate 27%, and Webmaster which are expected to see a growth rate 27%.

If you’re in the market for a new job, there are a wide variety of jobs that are land the top spots. Here are America’s best jobs in tech. For the full list, head over to CNN Money.

  1. IT Security Director
  2. Information Technology Director
  3. Accounting and Financial Repotting Director
  4. Engagement Manager
  5. Financial Services Product Manager
  6. Analytics Manager
  7. User Experiecne Researcher
  8. Product Owner (Product Manager)
  9. Information Assurance Analyst
  10. Customer Success Manager
  11. Information Technology Operations Manger
  12. Mobile Applications Developer
  13. Technical Services Manager
  14. Software Developer
  15. Statistician
  16. Database Administrator
  17. Biostatistician
  18. Proposal Manager
  19. Implementation Manager
  20. UX Designer
  21. Content Strategist
  22. IT Business Analyst
  23. Programmer Analyst
  24. Applications Engineer
  25. Video Game Designer
  26. Front End Developer/Engineer
  27. Clinical Applications Specialist
  28. Product Analyst
  29. UI Designer
  30. Management Analyst
  31. Technical Support Engineer
  32. Database Analyst
  33. IT Training Specialist
  34. E-Learning Specialist
  35. Webmaster
  36. Social Media Manager