Do you live in one of the happiest cities to work? There’s a lot that goes into work happiness and there are some places that have a better rating than others. If you’re looking to find a city that has happy employees and great work-life balance, look no further. Each year CareerBliss releases a list of America’s happiest cities to work in. The career site analyzes factors like employee boss relationships, salary compensation, company culture, and growth opportunities, all which affect work happiness. Once the data is collected, the ratings are used to determine which cities make the cut each year.

America's Happiest Cities To Work In 2016
Photo courtesy of Flickr

With plentiful sunshine, white sand beaches, and a technology boom, Miami tops the list for the second year in a row. “Miami’s growing technology scene alongside some of the worlds’s best beaches is in a position to become a major technology hub,” said CareerBliss CEO Heidi Golledge. Seeing a boom in startup companies, Miami offers high-paying jobs and happier company cultures. Rounding out the top three spots are Jersey City, New Jersey and Mountain View, California.

Check out CareerBliss’s list below and see if your city landed a spot.CareerBliss 2016 Happiest Cities to Work