It’s a big accomplishment when you land an interview, but it can head south quickly if you make these common interview mistakes.

Common Interview Mistakes

You’ve impressed the hiring manager with your resume and cover letter, so now it’s time to shine in the interview. Nerves are normal when you’r meeting a potential new employer, but too often, candidates ruin their chances in just a few minutes. Avoid these common interview mistakes so you better your chances of landing the job!

Being unprepared: Nothing is worse than coming to an interview and not having a clear understanding of the company and/or position. Researching the role and company is vital to a successful interview, not only because it gives you a better idea of company culture, daily tasks, etc, but it also gives you more confidence. Be sure you read up on the company and job description so you are fully aware of how the company operates.

Lack of interest: From body language blunders to lack of research and communication, a lack of interest can be detrimental to an interview. Show your interest in the company and job by interacting with the interviewer. Ask specific questions pertaining to the company and position. This not only shows interest but gives you more insight into what’s to come if you are offered a position. If you show you’re uninterested, you can almost guarantee the employer will move on.

Asking the wrong questions – or no questions at all: This goes hand in hand with being prepared. Always bring a list of questions to ask an interviewer. This not only shows an interest in the company but it also shows you’ve done your research and have prepared beforehand. Asking the wrong questions, for example questions involving money, promotion, vacations, etc, are not usually welcomed in a first interview. These questions can come off as selfish and as though you aren’t interested in the position, just the benefits. If you ask no questions, employers take that as you’re uninterested in the position.

Remember these common interview mistakes the next time you’re in the hot seat. You can avoid missing your chance at a new opportunity just by being prepared and showing interest the right way. Good luck!