Best Cities to Work in Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and tourism jobs are on the rise as the number of jobs almost doubled in the last year. If you want flexible work hours, discounts on travel and other amenities, and you’re a people person, this field might be a dream come true.

Best Cities to work in Hospitality and Tourism

According to Simply Hired, in June 2015, hospitality and tourism jobs made up 85 percent of all jobs. Currently there are more than 400,000 jobs available and the numbers continue to climb. Historically, Simply Hired and other job resources have seen available jobs increase between July and October, so it’s prime time to search this industry.

While hospitality and tourism jobs are plentiful, there are some cities and areas that are seeing better opportunities for this field. Check out Simply Hired’s top cities for hospitality and tourism jobs.

Los Angeles, California

  • Number of jobs: 20,000+
  • Percentage of total jobs: 11.3%
  • Job growth since 2014: 94% (nearly twice as many hospitality jobs)

Dallas, Texas

  • Number of jobs: 13,000
  • Percentage of total jobs: 10.81%
  • Job growth since 2014: 102%

Chicago, Illinois

  • Number of jobs: 11,000
  • Percentage of total jobs: 8.38%
  • Job growth since 2014: 13%

New York, New York

  • Number of jobs: 10,000
  • Percentage of total jobs: 3.81%
  • Job growth since 2014: less than 1% decline

Atlanta, Georgia

  • Number of jobs: 10,000
  • Percentage of total jobs: 10.76%
  • Job growth since 2014: 79%