Companies across the US participated in an in depth questionnaire from Military times to reveal which companies were best when it comes to hiring veterans. Rankings were developed by answers provided about recruiting people connected to the military, company policies, and the overall culture of the company.

USAA, Verizon Communications Inc., CACI International Inc., BAE Systems Inc., and Union Pacific were the top five companies in rankings with USAA having a significant preference in hiring veterans. 

The 2014 questionnaire received the most response, as more companies than ever chose to participate. Of the companies who participated, veterans and reservists made up on average about 13 percent of the total workforce and about 16 percent of 2013 hires. Companies revealed that most dedicated on average ore than 1/5 of their recruiting budget toward military recruiting. And most had at least one military recruiter. About a quarter of the companies had a slight veteran hiring preference while fewer than 16 percent had a significant hiring preference.

USAA was one who takes pride in hiring veterans and has a significant hiring preference. “USAA has been doing military vet hiring for many, many years. This is not something that is new to us — it is part of our DNA,” said Jackie Purdy, assistant vice president for talent acquisition. “We do not forget the military spouse.” USAA is creating a program to hire and train military spouses as customer service reps who can work from home allowing opportunity wherever the wife or husband may end up being assigned.

As more military personnel come home and settle back in to civilian life, more companies are jumping on the band wagon. Veterans are strong, dedicated individuals and companies are now recognizing that the workforce needs veterans. For a full list of the “Best for Vets” employers visit Military Times.