Job searching is a tough job! There are a lot of factors that go into finding and securing a job that one might not think of.

You craft your resume and cover letter, but when is the best time to send resumes? Here are some tips to know when the “sweet spots” are for sending resumes.

best time to send resume


Monday. analyzed over half a million job applicants and concluded that Monday was the best day to send out resumes. Their findings showed that over 30% of sample applicants landed an interview which is more than any other day of the week.

People who apply on Mondays have a better chance of getting their resume to the top of the pile and not get lost in the weekend clutter.

“Monday mornings are generally spent going through emails and preparing for the week ahead, so if you can time your application accordingly, you will be top of mind.” -Andy Dallas, director of Robert Half Financial Services

The worst day to apply is Saturday with Friday being the second least popular day. If you send your resume in on either of these days, you risk the chance of your resume going unnoticed. Fridays are a day where there is a higher open rate but usually with the chance of hiring managers scrambling to lineup interviews for a Monday.

Tuesday is the highest day for resumes to be sent but only 20% of the applicants land an interview. For the rest of the days, consider your own email habits. The most productive hours at work are between 10am-2pm so consider those times when emailing resumes out.


If you are a go-getter, apply during holidays. Many job seekers take the holidays off. They want a break from the job hunt just as the rest of us who are employed so hiring managers usually receive fewer resumes during holidays. This gives you an added boost because there is less competition.


Timing is definitely a factor when applying for a job. To avoid your resume getting lost in translation, try to send your resume out between 6:30am-7:30am, this will ensure your resume will be near the top of the hiring manager’s inbox when they arrive to work.


You might think that late night submissions are a good thing, but think again. More and more people are are logging into emails after hours and that doesn’t always help a job seeker. The mindset of these people are usually somewhere else – cooking dinner, watching TV, etc- so the chance of your resume being read thoroughly can decrease or

Learning the tips and tricks of drafting and sending out resumes can be just as tough as landing the job. While the tips above will give you a head start, just remember, your resume needs to be solid and display your skills and experience well.