Over the last decade, the job search, and even the hiring process, has changed dramatically. We live in a digital world where everything is found on the internet and if you’re not on your social media game, you might be over looked.

Social networking tools have changed the game for the recruiting and hiring process. These networking platforms are now a prime source to find new leads.

Careerealism, recently delved into this social networking phenomenon and highlighted which networks you need to be on. While these aren’t the only ones you need to be aware of, Google +, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the four big hitters.

LinkedIn: Research jobs that interest you and explore the skills and keywords mentioned. Take those keywords and skills and strategically place them in your profile and resume so recruiters can easily find you. Employers often use specific keywords to describe a position so be sure to include those.

Google +: Replicate your LinkedIn profile on Google +. The main purpose of a Google + page is to rank high on Google, this tool helps you get noticed, especially if you have the correct skills and keywords to stand out.

Use Google Circles to connect with employers and recruiters. Add them to a specific circle so you get updates and a better understanding of what they may be looking for. If done right, you will have an opportunity to contact them or comment on posts, giving you an added chance for them to notice you.

Twitter: The easy way to connect and target recruiters.

Use keywords in your profile and follow key employers/recruiters in the industry that interests you. Once you have a solid profile, start tweeting and interacting with the recruiters. Many times, these individuals post insightful content, whether you retweet, favorite or comment back, do this on a regular basis to keep up-to-date and promote the industry.

Facebook: Facebook might not be the first place you think about for job searching but recruiters post job adverts on the social platform to reach potential new hires. Make sure your work experience is up-to-date so the job ads pertaining to your skills reach you. 

You can also use Facebook like you would the other three, to connect with companies and employers that you’re interested in. The more you engage with these companies, the better chance you have to get noticed.

There’s plenty of social networking platforms out there, just remember to use keywords, connect with companies and recruiters you are interested in, and keep all your information concise on each profile. Having a solid profile on multiple platforms only strengthens your chances during the job search.