Bill Nguyen currently serves as military police officer in the 40th Military Police Company for the California Army National Guard based at the Bell Armory in Los Angeles, CA. in addition to his full time position as a Sourcer with TAD PGS Inc.  

Bill was attracted to the company because “The Company honors all military obligations trying to help veterans any way it can and knowing the importance of sacrifices veterans make. TAD PGS therefore makes veterans employment needs a top priority.”  Bill feels that the military is one of the most demanding, toughest and labor intense organizations in the world and if someone can be successful in their military career, they can definitely excel in the private sector.

When asked what core values did you bring from the military that have allowed you to add to your company’s culture and success, his answer was accountability and adaptability because change happens daily and human beings tend to be against change and react negatively to it. Positive attitude comes naturally with adaptability being able to adapt to any situation and turn the situation into a successful one. Professionalism is expected at all times in the military and someone who maintains their military bearing will be a professional outside of the military. Personal responsibility and performance is instilled in each soldier therefore, they are able to bring that to any company they work for. Military discipline is most important as well.

Bill knows very well, the challenges of transitioning from the military into a civilian culture and feels that although every transition is different, the team at TAD PGS went out of their way to assist him. “Professionalism is the key to your success at TAD in an environment such as that. I would advise any fellow service member to be able to adapt to change and always be professional and discipline. Lose sight of any of that and you will yourself in a very difficult situation.”

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