Body language is an important part of modern day communication. Simple gestures or posture, affect the way one feels, thinks and performs. It’s nonverbal communication that speaks volumes.

Being aware of signs and signals, movements and gestures, gives you the ability to understand people and in turn have people understand you better.

successful body language

Here are some body language secrets that highly successful people use.

1. Lie Down: An Australian National University study reveals lying down can boost your creative juices. The study test 20 participants and the ability to solve anagrams. When lying down, the participants solved problems about 10% faster than standing.

Professor Dr. Darren Lipnicki, one of the researchers, suggests differences in brain chemistry when laying down.

“It might be that we have our most creative thoughts while flat on our back,” he says. One reason might be that more of the chemical noradrenaline is released while we’re standing, and noradrenaline could inhibit our ability to think creatively.”

So take a break and lay down if you need a little creative boost!

2. Cross Your Arms: This gesture helps stay more focused and determined. You’ll perform better and stick with an issue longer. It’s all about persistence really.

So the next time you’re frustrated or you feel stuck on something, fold your arms!

3. Do The Superman Pose: Power posing is everything. Take two minutes to stand tall, holding your arms out towards the sky or strike “The Superman” where your hands rent on your hips. These poses will drastically increase confidence.

If you’re about to go into a situation where you’re nervous try these poses, in private of course!

4. Tense Up: Flexing muscles can help you stay focused in a negative situation.

A series of studies found that people who tense up or flex muscles, are better able to withstand high pain intervals, resist tempting food, and pay attention to unpleasant info.

So if you need a willpower boost, tense up!

smile-248507_6405. Turn That Frown Upside Down: Negative facial expressions send signals to your brain that your doing something difficult, which in turn, stresses you out. So, make yourself smile. Your whole demeanor will change and you’ll feel less stressed out, even if the situation doesn’t change.

If you’re stressing out, give yourself a little smile. Smiles literally go for miles and can turn your day and someone else’s around in a second!

6. Bow: Tilting forward when you meet someone shows deference and removes any perceived differences in status.

We all like people who like us, so next time you meet someone, bend forward slightly, smile and make eye contact. It will put you both at ease and calm nerves.

7. Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery: Since we all express ourselves differently, copying the expressions of others can help you understand what emotions they are experiencing.

So the next time you what to understand how someone is feeling, put yourself in their shoes by mimicking their expressions.

8. Angle Yourself: When your face to face with someone, there is an automatic feel of confrontation. Ease conflicting feelings by shifting to a slight angle. You will reduce any perceived conflict and create a more comfortable environment.

9. Talk With Your Hands: Using gestures can play a role in learning.

Research found that requiring children to use gestures while learning to speak, increased retention in the knowledge they gained. Another study suggests that gestures play a casual role in learning.

The next time you need to retain something, use your hands!

10. Chew Some Gum: This might now be the most professional look, but a number of studies suggest you are more alert when chewing gum. It can also help you with reaction times.

When you’re feeling discouraged or need help solving a difficult issue, lie down and chew some gum. You might just have a breakthrough!