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Step 1: The Job Search: 

Step 2: The Interview and Waiting:

  • It can be frustrating to hear a the hiring manager tell you your overqualified for a job. If this happens to you then it may be time to re-evaluate what your objectives are and go about your job search differently.
  • More and more recruiters and hiring managers are conducting interviews via video. Even though this type of interview will be from the comfort of your home, there will need to be more preparation ahead of time.
  • Interviews themselves can give people anxiety, but there are some questions that are over the top nerve-racking. You know the ones that you draw a blank on and feel stuck with no real answer.

Step 3: The Workplace:

  • When the time come whether you love your job or can’t wait to leave, it’s important to resign without burning bridges. It can be difficult to leave without causing issues or future problems so be sure to approach this subject carefully.
  • Mistakes are bound to happen at work. Whether something small or a major issue the way you react could be more important than the mistake. Remember you don’t want to be too hot or too cold.

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