A lot of people underestimate how important body language can be and how the right moves can land you the job.

Waiting for an interview is never easy… your palms get sweaty, heart starts racing, and nerves usually get the best of you but The Undercover Recruiter recently offered up some helpful tips on how to calm those nerves and let your body language do the talking.

1. Smile:

Dale Carnegie, master communication expert, talked about the power of a smile. Whether it be forced or genuine, act as if you’re happy and you will end up being happy. If you can’t genuinely smile, force it for 30 seconds. The Journal of Psychological Science has proven that even most forced smiles can genuinely decrease stress and make you happier, so pull your cheeks back and show those pearly whites

2. Power Posing:

Amy Cuddy, a Social Psychologist, ran a study showing how “power posing” can significantly decrease stress and increase confidence.

To master the pose, spread your legs, shoulder width apart, place hands on hips, keep chin up and look forward. Try it out for about 2 and half minutes and you’ll feel much more confident. The position is proven to lower cortisol levels and increase testosterone.

3. Steeple your hands:

Steepling your hands is a high-confidence display of the hands.  Spread your fingertips, and press them together in a prayer-like manner. This trick indicates your confident in your point of view.

4.Keep your thumbs up:

It’s as simple as that. Interlace your fingers and point your thumbs upward. This trick exudes confidence and keeps you calm

 5.Point feet towards interviewer:

This projects confidence and openness.

6. Sit up, shoulders back, and lean in:

This significantly increases confidence and leaning in shows you’re interested in what they have to say. It also conveys engagement. Doing this, shows your interviewer you’re interested in the topic and comfortable with them.

Next time you land a dream job interview, take time to do these tricks. Research body language tips and tricks so you exude confidence and calm any nerves you might have.