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Step 1: The Job Search:

  • On January 7th the Senate voted to approve moving forward on legislation that will extend unemployment benefits for 3 more months. The bill is expected to be voted on later this week and if passed would then go to the House.
  • Resolve to find a great job this year with these tips for job search success. Here’s a hint: 50% of applicants are rejected because of spelling and grammar mistakes.

 Step 2: The Interview and Waiting:

  • It’s what’s on the inside that matters, but what you wear for an interview affects the hiring managers’ first impression of you.  So keep it conservative and don’t be afraid to ask about office attire ahead of time.
  • Along with first impressions, your body language can say a lot to a potential employer. Check out this info graphic and discover how to nail your interview and handle many situations after you land that job.

Step 3: The Workplace:

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