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Step 1: The Job Search:

  • Tired of not being able to find all of the hidden jobs? Well there’s an easy fix for that. You can find tons of hidden jobs using Google. You just have to know how to search.
  • Legislation to renew the expired Emergency Unemployment Compensation is back on the Senate table. They hoping to vote on it this week. It would include a 3 month extension and would be retroactive. Plus President Obama has a new initiative.
  • For your job search it’s smarter to apply a project management approach instead of focusing on one tactic, like searching job boards time you have specific questions, just let us know in the comments area..

Step 2: The Interview and Waiting:

  • Interviews can make even the most confident of people squirm. However these tips can help you avoid interview blunders and put you a little bit more at ease.
  • Did you know Steve Jobs was a great negotiator? Take a look at some of the tactics he employed and be ready to negotiate like a pro.
  • Here’s what you’ve been looking for! Simple rules for post interview. Stick to these rules and you’ll keep yourself in the game without going overboard.

Step 3: The Workplace:

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