Welcome to our candidate focused weekly blog.  This week we are focused on how creating a mission statement can help guide your professional career while allowing a strong work-life balance.

Even though most companies utilize a mission statement to guide their efforts, most people don’t realize the power of having their own “personal mission statement.”

Why are personal mission statements so important?

It really comes down to purpose.  Because lack of direction is one of the top mistakes people can make in both their personal and professional life, mission statements can help direct them toward their ultimate “why.”  So then the next time someone offers you a promotion or a job, you don’t have to ask if is right for you.  You will know.

They also give you a “why” that helps you keep going when things get tough.  They help you regain momentum when you are feeling uncertain.

So, how exactly do you build one?    

Start by asking yourself:

  • What do I do and why? What drives me?
  • How will I do it and for whom?
  • What value do I bring?

Then piece together your statement so that it answers your what, why and how with:

  • Short and long term goals
  • Personal and professional motivations
  • Your plan of attack

How long does a personal mission need to be? 

Not long.  One or two sentences are sufficient.  That way it’s short enough to remember and repeat when things aren’t going your way.

Here’s a unique idea!

How about writing a job search mission statement?  This can include not only your core values, but also the company type, level of responsibility and skills you want to use, workplace culture, location, salary and benefits.

Did you find this post helpful? What would you like to see more of in future posts?