Welcome to our candidate focused weekly blog. This week we are focusing on some of our favorite job seeker tips.  Searching for a job is a full time job, but these tips should make the work easier.

Give yourself a career boost with a networking strategy that cannot fail.  [CareerBliss]

Did you know that looking for a job even if you love the one you have keeps you in touch with trends?  It also helps you hone your future career goals and formulate a “plan b.”  [Forbes]

Let’s be honest!  Handling rejection after an interview can be tough.  It requires a solid strategy to keep you moving forward.  [Adecco]

Formal college isn’t always the answer to your dream job.  In fact, informal learning is often the smarter choice.  [Careerealism & Brazen Careerist]

We all think about quitting our job from time to time, but do you know what two reasons make it the best choice for you now?.  [Business Insider]

If you want to stay out of the resume “black hole,” you need to beat the Applicant Tracking System that’s creating it.  [CareerBliss]

Just for Fun:

Ever asked yourself the question, “can my boss do that?”  The answer depends.  [AOL Jobs]

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