Welcome to our candidate focused weekly review blog. This week we are focusing on tips and tricks to communicate in a professional manner that will get you noticed. Professionalism is important at all stages of your career; whether job hunting, interviewing, emailing clients, or resigning.

  1. Looking for a job is stressful enough, but are you familiar with these common acronyms? You’re likely to see them during your hunt so learning them now will allow you to communicate intelligently later.
  2. Sometimes when you email important people it can be hard to get a response from them. In these cases it’s necessary to utilize helpful pointers to make sure you get your point across and encourage a response.
  3. So, at work do you think you might, like, um, speak a little like unprofessional? You may not realize it, but these 6 habits are making you sound unprofessional. Break them and reveal the polished business person that you are.
  4. Increasing your sales and building better business relationships could be as simple as changing your vocabulary. Remember, words are marketing tools.
  5. Sarcasm around your friends is one thing, but in the workplace it can be detrimental to relationships. Trust is at the core of these relationships and sarcasm simply undermines that trust.

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