Job security is a huge factor for many job seekers. It can also be a big determination if you will last at your chosen position for a long period of time.

24/7 Wall Street recently posted an article regarding top careers with the lowest rates of unemployment. Using stats from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the list features a variety of industries, including Farmers and Aerospace Engineers. If you need a new career path, take a look at these top career options with the highest job security.

Job Security

1. Chiropractors: This is a booming career path, where many chiropractors are moving towards specialization and advanced training in the filed. The average salary is $66,160 and the field also ranks the highest in job security as just one in 1000 chiropractors was unemployed last year.

  • Unemployment rate, 2014: 0.1%
  • Median annual pay, 2012: $66,160
  • Employment change, 2012-2022: 14.6%

2. Dentists: While schooling takes a while, it’s worth it in the long run. Dentists not only have better incomes but they also rank high when it comes to job security. In 2012, Dentists had one of the highest incomes with an average salary of nearly $150,000. The BLS projects growth of about 16% by 2022.

  • Unemployment rate, 2014: 0.2% (tied-2nd highest)
  • Median annual pay, 2012: $149,310
  • Employment change, 2012-2022: 15.9%

3. Physician assistants: This profession performs a variety of tasks and work closely with patients. The growth rate is expected to soar for physician assistants, increasing 38.4% by 2022, which is one of the highest professions reviewed.

  • Unemployment rate, 2014: 0.2% (tied-2nd highest)
  • Median annual pay, 2012: $90,930
  • Employment change, 2012-2022: 38.4%

4. Aerospace engineers: This is an area where employees are heavily screened and some even require security clearances, which is a good field for retired military. The profession is expected to have a slower growth rate than others reviewed at a 7.3% by 2022 but airplane and parts manufacturing is one of America’s most robust industries and the demand for new planes is high. Aerospace engineers also have a higher salary rate than other professions and job security is high due to the ever evolving needs.

  • Unemployment rate, 2014: 0.3%
  • Median annual pay, 2012: $103,720
  • Employment change, 2012-2022: 7.3%

5. Physicians and surgeons: If you want to get into medicine these careers pay well and have a lower unemployment rate than most occupations at just 0.5% of physicians and surgeons being unemployed in 2014. This field is also being recognized as ne of the faster growing rates as the BLS also forecasts the number of physicians and surgeons to grow by 17.8% by 2022.

  • Unemployment rate, 2014: 0.4% (tied-5th highest)
  • Median annual pay, 2012: Greater than $187,200
  • Employment change, 2012-2022: 17.8%

6. Medical, dental, and ophthalmic laboratory technicians: While these professions have a significantly lower income than most reviewed, the unemployment rate is one of the lowest. The field is projected to grow slowly with the BLS estimating a 6.7% growth between 2012 and 2022.

  • Unemployment rate, 2014: 0.4% (tied-5th highest)
  • Median annual pay, 2012: $33,070
  • Employment change, 2012-2022: 6.7%

7. Detectives and criminal investigators: This is a great field to get into if you have a military background. Many are employed either by local governments or by the federal executive branch, which comes with higher salaries if employed by the federal government.

  • Unemployment rate, 2014: 0.8%
  • Median annual pay, 2012: $74,300
  • Employment change, 2012-2022: 2.0%