The TAD PGS Career Success blog will be featuring candidates that TAD PGS has placed in many different positions. By them sharing their stories with you, you will be able to see how working with a recruiter has its benefits as well as get a sense on how the candidate was able to secure a certain job and the road they took to get there.

Thank you to all of the candidates who have agreed to share their stories with us! We wish you all continued success in your careers!

 Name: Hadi Ershadi

New Position: Buyer

City/State: Mebane, North Carolina

Education: Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Summary of your professional experience:
My professional experience includes five years working in global sourcing, purchasing and procurement of raw material, parts, complex components, tooling, capital equipment and engineering services for both high volume production and engineering projects. I also have experience working high level and complex contract negotiations in many different cultural settings.  Some personal skills that have aided in my professional journey include being proactive, having strong people skills, being an excellent team player, and having the ability to work with little to no supervision.

Length of time in Supply Chain: 6 Years

Length of time in current job: 1 Month

What led you to enlist the help of a recruiter in your job search?
I realized that many companies do not advertise their available positions. Instead, to save time and money, they prefer to handle this through a staffing agency.  Due to this and other complexities in today’s job market, having a recruiter is a must.
Another plus is that a recruiter can contact an HR office and speak on your behalf as much as necessary without having to fear a negative backlash or jeopardizing the available position. They have much experience in negotiation and a recruiter can get the best possible salary for you. Remember, negotiating directly is like walking on a thin sheet of ice. You may lose an attractive opportunity by making a wrong move.

What was it about TAD PGS’s work on your behalf that made the difference?
I feel very lucky. The recruiter who represented me is highly confident and experienced. I think that without her professional pursuit I could not have landed such a nice job at a highly reputable company.

What do you like most about your new position as a buyer?
What I enjoy most is working for an international company in the automotive sector.

What do you do in your free time? 
In my free time I enjoy reading books, cooking, attending social gatherings, biking, and traveling.

Summarize your overall experience with TAD PGS.
Let me put it this way; I recommend all my friends reach out to them to boost their chance of landing a nice job.