The TAD PGS Career Success blog features candidates that TAD PGS has placed in many different positions. By them sharing their stories with you, you will be able to see how working with a recruiter has its benefits as well as get a sense on how the candidate was able to secure a certain job and the road they took to get there.

Thank you to all of the candidates who have agreed to share their stories with us! We wish you all continued success in your careers!

Name: Bill Corrigan

New Position: Test Engineering Manager

City/State:Minneapolis, MN

Education: BS in Engineering Technology, MS Software Development

Summary of your professional experience:
I have held several different positions since receiving my degrees; Project Engineer, Engineering Manager, Director of Engineering. A large part of my career advancement has been continued education. I have attended several different specialized training sessions including Project Management and Monitoring, Design for Manufacturability, and Communications Skills Training. After receiving my Masters Degree I also continued to take extra courses through the university.

Length of time in Engineering: 25 years

Length of time in current position: 3 months

What led you to enlist the help of a recruiter in your job search?
Originally I was looking for flexibility and believed a recruiter would be able to help me find contract work, but then I accepted a full-time position – hard to break old habits.

What was it about TAD PGS’s work on your behalf that made the difference?
I worked with an excellent recruiter at TAD PGS. It was easy for me to access recruiter and TAD staff and they have great attitude within the company.

What do you like most about your position as a Test Engineer Manager?
As a Test Engineering Manager each day is unique. Issues that need attention vary from technical, resource scheduling, customer expectations both internal and external, and balancing budgets. It’s fun, dynamic, and never boring.

What do you do in your free time?
Irritate my wife!

Summarize your overall experience with TAD PGS.
TAD PGS has been a great company to work with. They help you through the transition stages; they are honest in what you can expect and how the hiring process will evolve. They are straight shooters.