Transitioning from military to civilian life can be a difficult time and trying to find a job during it all, can be overwhelming. In fact, the unemployment rate is higher than the civilian rate, but there are some industries that are a better fit for military veterans transitioning.

Law Enforcement: Veterans have the skills and dedication it takes to become a police officer. There are a variety of areas to choose from in law enforcement, but there are similarities that make it an easier transition.

IT: Information technology is a great field for military. Many military personnel have a wide rage of technological skills which makes it a great option for veterans looking for jobs.

Health Care: The military has it’s own hospitals and clinics, so many veterans come out of the military with health care experience. As an ever growing industry that will always be around, health care is a great option for military veterans. The health care industry is a choice for job security.

Government Jobs: Being a part of the military can turn into working for the government. There are many choices at Federal, State and Local levels for veterans to take advantage of. Take a moment to consider a career in government services. The knowledge from military experience can be a great upper hand.

Don’t get discourage with the unemployment rate of veterans. Each year, more job positions are offered and veteran’s have skills that would make any hiring manager happy. The careers above are just a few industries where veterans are highly qualified.