Are you looking to bring in a little extra money this holiday season? Do you need some work experience? A seasonal job might be right for you.

Over the next few months, retailers will add around 755,000 jobs according to Challenger, Gray & Christmas,  global outplacement & career transitioning firm. While a bulk of the hiring is done in the month of November, it’s never too early to start applying. While you might be hired as a seasonal employee, many positions can develop into full-time roles if you play your cards right.

Companies Hiring Seasonal Employees

Seasonal jobs run between $8-$12 an hour which is lower than other positions but even a little more cash can be helpful around the holidays. Another added bonus to being a seasonal employee is the employee discounts. If there’s a store you enjoy shopping at, check out their opportunities for seasonal work.

Seasonal jobs fill up quickly so start your search now for companies hiring seasonal employees. Here are some companies that have started already:

Butterball – One of the largest suppliers of turkey in the U.S. Butterball naturally sees an increase in sales around the holidays. The company hires extra call center staff to help home cookers with any questions they might have.

Target – Target sales boom during the holidays as they provide so many options for holiday shoppers. It’s estimated that Target will add around 70,000 jobs to help the hustle and bustle of the holidays with jobs ranging from retail associates to warehouse helpers.

Macy’s – As a go to for holiday shoppers it’s no wonder Macy’s would be adding nearly 85,000 season positions.

Kohl’s – Offering many of the usually retail positions, Kohl’s plans to add nearly 70,000 positions over the holidays.

Wal-Mart –  Wal-Mart will be adding around 60,000 seasonal positions, but expect to work some odd hours and even multiple shifts per day during peak times.  

Amazon – Many jobs include working in the warehouse but the good thing is, Amazon relies on robotic assistance so there isn’t a lot of heavy lifting associated with the jobs. While there hasn’t been a lot of buzz about new positions, Amazon added around 80,000 positions last year.