Congratulations on Your Military Service. Now what do you do? You have done your pre-separation planning. You have done a career assessment analysis. You have written a great resume translating your military service in to civilian terms. You have been networking and you are concentrating on your skills and experience to choose companies that are in the field where your strengths lie.

Recruiters and hiring managers look at veteran resumes and often see skills and experience that is ideal for the positions they are recruiting for. Yet, oftentimes, the veteran will not get a call back let alone a second interview. What you did you do wrong?

Many hiring managers and military recruiters indicate that they see several consistent themes in veteran resumes that keep veterans from getting the call back. Knowing what these situations are can make the difference in whether or not you get the all important call back.

Sultan Camp, a leading military candidate recruiter, offers several suggestions that make sense and can make the difference in getting a call back, and getting lost in the shuffle!

1)      You can’t (or won’t) accept that you are starting over.

2)      You believe that you are unique. (Doesn’t every transitioning veteran).

3)      Your resume is too long.

4)      You did not proofread your resume.

5)      You do not have a LinkedIn profile.

6)      You think social media is a waste of your time.

7)      You did not prepare for the interview.

8)      You wrote a thank you note (But only to say thank you).

9)      You do not know what you want to do.

Many companies and federal agencies are actively seeking veteran employees. You must consider that while there are many applicants, you must insure that you are the candidate whose skills and experience are the right fit for the company and you present yourself properly.


For a more in depth view, see: Career Attraction.

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