Transitioning veterans have three choices when they transition into civilian life. They can go to work for a company, they can start their own business or they can continue their education using their available educational benefits.

These are stories of four different individuals, who while choosing to utilize their educational benefits, were confronted with issues that they overcame.

Nick Lawless had a broken back and was severely depressed when he began considering utilizing his educational benefits. He found his calling through a political science degree and has not looked back.

Austin Capers suffered a knee injury and found that while pursuing his education found a passion for helping other transitioning veterans and completed his social services degree and found himself working in sales and production management at  at Scientific Instruments. He is now considering using his education and experience to start his own business.

Ronald (Jay) Hagstrom served in the Marine Corps Reserves with a deployment to Iraq in 2009-2010. Utilizing transfer credits from the Marine Corps , he is pursuing a degree in business management.

Army SGT First Class Logan M. Potskowski returned to the school he originally attended prior to enlisting in the Army to major in English in pursuit of a career in law enforcement. Although he found the return to the classroom challenging, he has established himself on a path to success.

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