Are you a creative individual that yearns for a career that combines creativity and a good pay check? Creative minds are the happiest when they can express themselves and use their creativity but it can be tough to turn that passion into a career. If you thrive on creativity and want a career you’re passionate about, look into these creative careers for creative minds.

Creative Careers

Graphic Designer: If you have a good eye for composition and style, a career as a graphic designer might be the perfect fit. There are many areas where graphic designers are needed, from advertising to packaging, it’s their job to communicate messages. The best part of a career in graphic design is that you can choose to work for a company or freelance on the side. The average salary for this creative position is around $40,000 a year.

Fashion Designer: Creativity for fashion designers is a must, as they are the individuals who come up with trend setting designs. These creative minds must have a keen eye for detail, shape, style, and colors that will make a statement or set trends. While it may take a while to make a name for yourself, the median salary for a fashion designer is around $60,000.

Web Designer: If you know HTML and love being creative, becoming a web designer might be right up your alley. These creative individuals plan, create, and design websites for a variety of different clients. Another creative career that offers full-time positions or freelance opportunities, the average salary for a web designer is around $44,000 annually.

Videographer: Becoming a videographer can be an exciting career for someone who loves using a camera. From editing footage to incorporating special effects and dialogue, videographers are creative individuals who turn pieces of video into a finished product for news, TV, advertising, etc. The average salary for these creative minds runs around $41,000 a year.

Interior Designer: Using their creative flair, interior designers are able to turn outdated areas into attractive spaces. Combining creativity with functionality is a must for these creative minds. On average interior designers make about $43,000 annually.

If you love using your creativity and want to turn it into a career, these are just a few creative careers where you can make a living.